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There has always been an Arctic— a landscape of glaciers, which carved its mountains and plains, of char who swim its icy rivers, of polar bears who hunt in the sea-ice, of lichens that find sustenance where nothing else will grow, and of people, for whom the this ever-changing ecology has always been home.

But there is also an arctic that lives in the mind of those who have not yet been.

Perhaps it’s an image of windswept tundra, or stoic-looking cliffs, alive with colonies of seabirds that has shaped this sense of wonder. Or a curiosity, for what it might mean to engage with the people living in communities across the arctic. All of it a story, not yet complete, about how it would feel to be in this powerful and surprising place.

Whether it’s hiking or trekking, kayaking or dogsledding, boat touring or snowmobiling, listening or chatting, a journey in the arctic will reward in unexpected ways.

It is not so much what we see, but what we feel, standing on the edge of land-fast sea-ice, the Arctic Ocean before us, that changes our perspective on the world.

It is sometimes best to learn through the soles of our feet, and there is no substitute for walking through wildflowers of Saxifrage and Draba, or for looking up, to watch the Aurora Borealis dance in a sky full of stars. There is no replacement for that moment of connection, with a guide or a new friend met along the way, which stays with us years later.

There are ideas, concepts, trends and theories reported about the arctic everyday. But making the trip, experiencing the people, travelling the land, seeing the wildlife— these are what fill us with reverence and awe, kindness and warmth, humility and sense of achievement. The arctic is a lived experience, one that can’t be appreciated, until you’ve been.

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Nunavut is home to some of the most beautiful and resilient plant life in the world. As the spring snow thaws, you immediately see the explosion of plants and flowers that signals the arrival of Arctic summer. The sights and smells will fill you with hope and wonder.

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Awe-thentic Wildlife

Nunavut not only gives you unparalleled access to the Arctic’s wide range of wildlife, it also provides you with the experts that know the Arctic wildlife best: Inuit. With Inuit guides, who rely on thousands of years of collective experience and knowledge, you will be able to interact with Polar Bears, Whales, Seals, Caribou and migratory birds in a way few people on earth have been lucky enough to experience.

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Parks & Special Places

Nunavut’s parks and special places can delight and fill visitors with wonder. There are several national and territorial Parks – including the largest National Park in Canada, Quttinirpaaq, near Resolute Bay. While some of these parks are accessible for self-accessed day trips (Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park, Inujjaruvik Territorial Park) most will depend on a guide or a well planned trip to access. Nunavut’s special place includes wildlife sanctuaries and heritage rivers. Many of the operators can advise on the best trip for visitors.

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Bird Sanctuaries

Nunavut represents nearly 20% of Canada’s landmass, and it is no wonder that there are many conservation areas, sanctuaries and parks in our territory. These spectacular areas are home to a diverse number of animals and ecosystems and represent the desire of Nunavummiut and Canadians to protect our fragile Arctic environment.

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