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Nunavut is a Territory that is diverse in both geography and culture. In a land as great as Nunavut, this diversity is inevitable and will give you a wide range of unforgettable experiences with the land and the people. From the incredible fiords and mountains of the Qikiqtani Region, to the rolling tundra and big rivers and lakes of the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot region, there is a wealth of possibilities in Nunavut.

The territory consists of three regions: the Qikiqtani (Baffin) Region, the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot Regions. These regions are marked by stark differences in geography and more subtle differences in culture. The environment and wildlife in the regions have led to differences in diet and hunting techniques as well as dialects of Inuktitut.

However, you will find there is a strong tradition of welcoming in each of the regions, and the Inuit of each region will delight in sharing their traditions with you.

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The Kivalliq Region

Home to millions of caribou and thousands of polar bears, the Kivalliq Region will provide you with an Arctic experience that is second to none. It is here that you will find the great expanse of the Arctic tundra- rolling hills that stretch from horizon to horizon - this is also a home for some of Nunavut’s largest lakes and rivers, providing you with not only an amazing wildlife experience, but unparalleled paddling, hunting and fishing as well.

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The Kitikmeot Region

The Kitikmeot spans the northern mainland of Canada to the mythical heart of the Northwest Passage and is a crossroads of the Arctic - bringing together an amazing array of ecosystems and cultures. The most western region of the Territory, the Kitikmeot communities are abundant in wildlife.

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The Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin) Region

The Baffin Region of Nunavut is as diverse as it is iconic. Stretching from Sanikiluaq in the southern waters of Hudson’s Bay to the tip of Ellesmere Island, there is much to explore in this incredible area.

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